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The future of retail is distributed

The future of retail is distributed

The future of commerce will happen where the consumers are. Using Off Script enables you to sell natively in your social channels, and in your own ecommerce store. Wether you're a TV-show, a boutique hotel, or a content creator, does not matter.
Pontus Karlsson
May 25, 2023

The future of retail is distributed

Off Script is an e-commerce platform with inventory. You can start your own ecommerce, and dropship the most exciting DTC brands out there. It is a dropshipping platform, marketplace connector, and store builder, in one. Your shop, multiple brands, your checkout.

🕸 On one hand, we connect to hundreds of DTC brands. Via our proprietary connector, we get live product data, and can forward orders directly to their ecommerce platform.

👩‍🎨 On the other hand, the platform enables you to build your own customizable shop, curate from brands' product catalogues, and become a multi-brand retailer in minutes.

This means that if you are a a content creator, a hotel, a media business, a yoga studio, a Netflix series, a coffee community - or whoever - you can now deepen your relationships with your community, audience, or existing customers, while increasing your revenue and build out your ecommerce.

Your favorite Yogis on Youtube will have their own ecommerce.

Sales for Vans white slip-ons have increased by 7,800 percent since Squid Game premiered. What if the series had its own multi-brand ecommerce?

How does Off Script fit into the current landscape?

By turning creators into retailers, we are giving these entrepreneurs increased commerce features in their social channels. As a first step, Off Script is the first platform in the world to allow creators to have their own multi-brand Instagram Shop, and Facebook Shops. This also means that we are helping creators to drive sales where their audience is, and serve the customers where they are.

With (left) vs without (right) Off Script.

We expect the media landscape to be continuously disjointed, as most businesses and creators are active across multiple social channels. Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat. For this, they need one shop that they can connect to all their social channels.

The time is now

The ecommerce landscape is changing. We have huge marketplaces with literally 1000's of options for specific product types. The compounding power of Amazon is undeniable. We also have a scattered DTC landscape filled with fun, sustainable, purpose-led brands, powered by the likes of Shopify, Squarespace, and WooCommerce.

Since the dawn of the industrialization, there has been an abundance of options in commerce. In the physical world, we've had the curated shops on the corner. We can all imagine the experience of traveling to a new city and finding a charming multi-brand shop where you can shop fun brands. The kind of shopping experience that we all value. Curated, with personality, and uniqueness.

It takes a lot of work to start these curated marketplaces. Each of these curated marketplaces needs to:

  1. Build their own relationships with each brand,
  2. Find a way to onboard them to their webshop,
  3. Have up-to-date product information and stock levels,
  4. Build an ecommerce and populate it with content,
  5. Forwarding the orders to the brand in an efficient way for both parties, and
  6. Ensure an excellent post-purchase experience for the customer.

With Off Script, you can sort out all these things in a matter of hours, rather than months. You can choose to onboard brands in minutes, or curate from the existing brands already connected to the platform.

If you could shop from any creator, community, or company - where would you shop?