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How to unlock Instagram Shop as a creator

How to unlock Instagram Shop as a creator

Off Script helps creators unlock IG Shop by helping them start their own curated multibrand stores.
Pontus Karlsson
May 25, 2023

Instagram shut down Instagram Storefronts for creators in August. This came as a surprise to many in the creator industry, after Mark Zuckerberg's previous communication about Meta's efforts to help creators monetise better. I put their reasoning at the end of this blog post.

For about a year, some of the creators on Instagram have been able to create their own affiliate storefront, tagging products from brands natively in Instagram. This meant that followers could now easily find products creators were wearing, and if they bought from the underlying brand - creators received a commission.

This was one of many products shipped by Meta to help creators monetize better. If you have seen it, it has previously looked something like this.

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Both creators and brands were excited about this, and for the end customer it meant that they could find exactly the products that were used and recommended by the creators and influencers they follow.

In July 2022, they announced that they are shutting down the pilot - leaving Instagram’s Shopping features only available for brands and retailers. Brands and retailers will still be able to tag products and sell via Instagram, making it easy for the user of Instagram to shop and find in-app. But not any more for creators.

From now on, the way for creators to unlock IG Shop will be that they need to have their own ecommerce. This can be done by creating your own brand, or by using Off Script and sell other brand's products in your social channels.

With Off Script, you can set up your own online store and start selling products from the brands you like. Your checkout, your customers, but their products. It has genuinely never been easier to start your own e-commerce.

We are practically turning creators into retailers, giving creators the retailer features that are available in the social channels. IG Shop, FB Shop, and Youtube Shopping.

You can control and manage your IG shop directly in Facebook Commerce once it has been connected to your Off Script-store. See below for a print screen from Facebook Commerce tool where you can create collections, and edit the look of your Instagram Shop.

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If you are a creator that wants to get started with this, you can do so, for free, by registering here. We currently work with both agencies, and creators to help them unlock this new opportunity, and are excited to help more creators and brands leverage social commerce.

If you want to see how smooth it becomes when a creator does this, you can visit Christi Steyn's store via her Instagram here. (IG Shop is only available in Instagram's app, so you will need to navigate via your phone.)