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Join leading DTC brands selling natively via creators on Off Script

Off Script enables brands to sell natively via content creators curated ecommerce stores, and in their social channels.
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New sale by Fernanda Romero
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Misty Lotion
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We support all main ecommerce platforms

Connect your ecommerce and increase sales

Off Script connects to all main ecommerce platforms in the matter of minutes, enabling you to get started selling today.

Get increased visibility natively in creators social channels

Off Script is the only platform that enables creators to unlock IG Shop and FB Shop. Connect to Off Script and be featured natively in their channels.

Understand and collaborate with your new favorite sales channel

Get perfect data on what creators are selling, and leverage this information for future collaboration.
Creators as retailers

A new sales channel for modern DTC brands

Off Script enables brands to seamlessly start selling via creators own curated ecommerce stores. This presents new opportunities for brands to quickly grow revenues, while improving creator relations. Creators are the new retailers, and we are are here to help you leverage this.
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Trusted by leading content creators

Fernanda Romero

Christi Steyn

Brandon Desjarlais

Social commerce

Off Script unlocks Facebook and Instagram Shop

Off Script connects into creators social channels, enabling them to sell your products natively accross their channels. This means that creators can tag products, and sell them, in their own shop, through their social channels. Three clicks from seeing it on instagram to checkout.
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How it works?

1. Connect
Connect your ecommerce in a few minutes by installing an app on your platform. This gives access for creators to curate their favorite products from your product catalog.
2. Configure
Create your profile, and set your terms. Once you have an account on Off Script, you can edit how your brand is displayed, what products you are selling, and where you sell.
3. Track
Track performance, and understand the market. In the Off Script platform you get perfect data on what products are relevant, who is selling well, and who you should try to sell via next.
Off Script for brands

Start selling your brand natively in creators own ecommerce stores

”A perfect concept for us to be a part of, as it is both brand building and drives sales.“

Linnéa Bach Gärde
Founder, Powher